Project title:

We will recover with your and the Swimathon’s help

Goal of the project:

Démétér House, operated by Démétér Foundation, is a part of a complex rehabilitation and post-treatment programme. Since the number of patients has increased, we need to expand the house. The construction works have begun, the new wing of the house – including six new apartments, common spaces and a large community room for community programmes – will be opened in June 2018. We took part in Swimathon back in 2016 to fundraise for the renovation of the entrance that ensures historical monument status for the house. This year we would like to swim for the furnishing of the community space in the new wing.

The issue:

An important part of the Démétér programme is to have a house that is more than merely a living space. Our house accepts children from all over the country, they spend months in the hospital, away from their homes. With the 150 sqm community space we expect to make the space cosier and more friendly. The community space will host all the events that we organise for our little patients – but only if we can furnish it in a cosy, comfortable and safe way.

Planned activities and timeline:

The new wing of Démétér house will be opened in June, after this we will need to buy furniture for the entire space, the total costs of which are approx. 25 million HUF. Rotary Club Budapest Center has offered to buy furniture and equipment in the amount of 10 million HUF (kitchen, laundry, safe playroom, psychologist room, exercise room). The Hangya Peti Love Bank “adopted” two of the six rooms in the value of 7 million HUF. It is very important to furnish the community room as soon as possible to be able to organise events (Santa Claus celebration, carnival, Halloween pumpkin carving, unusual end-of-schoolyear party).

Budget outline (types of costs and amounts):

We would like to buy furniture for the 150-sqm community space: couches, armchairs, shelves for the books and the toys, a table and chairs. The furniture must be safe and high quality, and it should endure the daily use and cleaning. Such furniture costs around 4-5 million HUF.

How will you use the funds raised through Swimathon:

From the money raised through Swimathon we would like to furnish the community space of the new wing of Démétér House. This is where we will organise events to which we will invite our young patients who live in the house, and those who are recovering in their homes. (Santa Claus celebration, carnival, Halloween pumpkin carving, unusual end-of-schoolyear party). Furnishing the new wing of Démétér House costs 20-25 million HUF; through Swimathon we would like to raise 4-5 million HUF.

What impact do you envisage for the project and how do you plan to measure it?

The mission of Démétér House is to create a safe and pleasant temporary home for our little patients and their families. To do this it is indispensable to alleviate the isolation of the children, which is due to their immune deficiency, by bringing everyday pleasures into the house, to celebrate family and other occasions. The venue for this is the community space. The impact we hope to have is the smiles of children and their parents.

Name and mission of the organisation implementing the project:

The organisation implementing the project is Démétér Foundation. Since 1992 there have been 700 stem cell transplantations at Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of Szt. László Hospital. Our Unit accepts children from all over the country, who spend many months in our hospital, far from their homes. Our Foundation established Démétér House, with 9 apartments and service units, with the aim of providing accommodation for children and their families from the country. The House is run as part of a complex rehabilitation and post-treatment programme, the goal of which is to improve the recovery chances of children who have undergone bone marrow transplant, and to alleviate the psychological and physical burdens of post-treatment for the patients and the families as well.

Organisational data Name, address, date and number of court registration, tax number, website Name of contact person, e-mail, phone:

Organisation: Démétér Foundation (Démétér Alapítvány)
Legal status: Public benefit organisation
Date and place of establishment: 14 December 2005, Budapest
Number of public benefit status registry: 9. Pk. 60.821/2005/24.
Date of public benefit status: 2005. december 14.
Court registry number: 9721
Address: Budapest, 1224, Csóványos u. 9.
Tax number: 18256110-1-43
Bank account: Budapest Bank 10102086-56951900-01000002
Contact person: Gabriella Sedlák, Mobil: +36 70 621 7711