Eugenie Harvey       

Welcome to the website of Swimathon. It’s a four-week community fundraising campaign and an event on 16th June 2018 having fun together in a swimming pool in Budapest. People like me swim and ask for your support in the campaign for a worthwhile cause close to our heart. Thus, swimmers like me are the “ambassadors” of different exciting community issues. We don’t only train to swim to reach the targeted distance and time in swimming, but also raise money for these programs to come true.


In Australia where I was born and grew up, we can swim before we can walk! But I have lived in England for nearly 15 years and there’s not a lot of opportunity to practice swimming and to keep up your fitness. So I am challenging myself to practice enough to be able to swim 1,000m for the Ferencvaros Community Foundation. And like my friend Era Barna, I’m 50 this year and so I am also going to try and raise 200050 HUF!

Amount Targeted:

200050 HUF

Amount Raised:

340700 HUF

Days Left:



  • Jeffery Jennie 3600 HUF
    Go Eugenie!!
  • Harrison Tracey 6000 HUF
    Good luck Eugenie! Tracey, James and Anna x
  • Michael Lynch CBE AO 20000 HUF
    Good luck Euge!
  • Pete Yeo 11000 HUF
    Good luck!
  • Margaret Evison 11000 HUF
    Sending good wishes to you all
  • Latham Michelle 6000 HUF
    So well done Eugenie... such an amazing thing to do... heaps of luck and love xxxx
  • Sullivan Tracie 10000 HUF
    Good luck to our little mermaid ‍♀️ next door

  • Bravo and good luck!
  • Thornton Sophie 3000 HUF
    Good luck Eugenie, loving the swimming hat photos (please post more). Love Sophie xx
  • Jezzard Shannon 3600 HUF
    Good luck Eugenie!!! You will smash it x
  • Rapp Alex 8000 HUF
    Good luck Euge!!
  • Giurgiu Mihaela 2000 HUF
    Dear Eugenie, I know you are going to swim that freestyle kilometre in style! Enjoy
  • Ablewhite Louise 7750 HUF
    You go girl, love a birthday challenge ❤️. Good luck from Team Greenwich xx
  • Abbott Todd 14000 HUF
    What are your legs, Euge? (Steel springs.The answer is steel springs.)
  • Ingrid Scott 18000 HUF
    Good luck!
  • Sheridan Jenny 8000 HUF

  • Komáromi Mátyás 3000 HUF
    Great challenge! Soon in the finish, good luck
  • Karen Millen 7000 HUF
    Sok szerencsét Eugenie! Úszni, mint egy delfin!
  • Stonehouse John 5000 HUF
    Go sis!
  • Sally Burgess 5000 HUF
    Good luck from your sister in law!
  • Chris Vince 7200 HUF
    Good luck from another fellow Labour Councillor!
  • Sarah Gray 7200 HUF
    Good luck!
  • Sophie Baughan 7200 HUF
    Good luck from your neighbours in Churchgate Street
  • Miller Florence
  • Beckett Ian 11000 HUF
    From a fellow Harlow Labour Councillor! Good luck!
  • Spence Penelope 21000 HUF
    All the way from Sydney, Australia! Sending love and solidarity to friends in Hungary.
  • Carey Frances 22000 HUF
    From Frances Carey, TFN Member in support of the wonderful work done by the Ferencvaros Community Foundation. Thank you!
  • Gillie Oiiver and Sue 36000 HUF
    From Oliver and Sue Gillie, TFN London members in support of the brilliant work of our Hungarian friends and colleagues.
  • Susi Bascon 5000 HUF
    Eugene good luck with the swim and thanks for your enthusiasm. It is very inspiring!
  • Joyce Renee 5000 HUF
    Good Luck!
  • Richardson Wendy 8000 HUF
    Keep floating Eugenie!
  • Monsieur Seymour 5000 HUF
    Look out for the sharks!
  • Day Jane 5000 HUF
    Are you crazy?
  • Puklo Family 5050 HUF
    Good luck!
  • Harvey Eugenie 10000 HUF
    Sok szerencsét!
(1EUR is approx. 310HUF, 1USD is approx. 267HUF)