Swimathon 2018         

Swimathon is a crowdfunding campaign, a grant-giving programme and a great community event. Ferencváros Community Foundation’s (FKA) role is to select the projects, manage the campaign website and collect the donations, motivate/help the team leaders and the swimmers, as well as to organise the half-day swimming event, carry out the communication activities of the campaign, then – having concluded a grant agreement – follow and monitor the implementation of the projects and keep the donors up-to-date about their progress. In 2016 as many as 70 swimmers took part and raised 7,5 million forints for 4 projects; in 2017 the respective figures were: 140 swimmers, 7 projects, over 16 million forints raised.
The non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that will take part in Swimathon were selected by FKA’s board after an open call for proposals. Click HERE to read about the projects proposed by the participating organisations and HERE to support their swimmers. FKA is the initiator and the organiser of the even but we also have a team of swimmers, just like our collaborating partner, the Community Foundation Support Programme (Közös Alapon, KA), which is a nationwide programme, carried out by Gyökerek és Szárnyak Foundation, seeking to foster the establishment and the development of community foundations in Hungary. The other five projects and organisations, which are connected to the 9th district and which were selected through an open call, are fundraising for the following causes:

We will recover if you help! – Démétér Foundation – would like to raise funds to buy furniture for a building hosting families of children undergoing post-treatment after bone marrow transplantation.
FreeDoc – Palantir Film Foundation is raising funds for a photography course to enable self-expression for disadvantaged youth in the 9th district.
Breathing space – “Találj Magadra!” (Find Yourself) Association: ensuring free time and recreation for women raising children with disabilities.
Ráday Corso – a community group fundraising for the general expenses of an annual 2-day cultural event to be organised in central Ferencváros.
Of the donations raised FKA retains 9% for organisational and operational costs. FKA will also reach out to corporations in the district and invite them to choose some of the causes and support them by encouraging their colleagues to join the teams of swimmers.
Special thanks to the Cluj Community Foundation, where we had the chance to see how Swimathon works; to the Community Foundation Support Programme (Közös Alapon); the Non-profit Information and Training Centre (Non-profit Információs és Oktató Központ, NIOK); to Skawa Innovation Kft., based in Ferencváros, for creating our website pro bono; and to graphic designer Rita Tóth Ozsvárt. The event will take place on 16 June, Saturday, between 9AM and 1PM, at the Kőér street swimming pool. The event is open to the public, we look forward to welcoming you there!