Project title:

Give some breathing space!

Goal of the project:

The goal of the programme is to support mothers raising children with disabilities by ensuring some free time for them, which they can use outside their home for leisure activities, “recharging”, while their children are looked after by trained childminders.

The issue:

There are about 90,000 women in Hungary, who are nurses, dieticians, masseuses, physical therapists and mothers – all at the same time. They are unable to spare time for themselves, nor to recharge, because they have no one to leave their child with. They are in stand-by mode and on duty day and night, with no days off, no rest days. They have no helpers to rely on, while they are in a straining life situation both physically, as well as psychologically. If they break under the burden, so will their families. The stakes are high. Still, they cannot rely on anyone.

Planned activities and timeline:

The project is planned for eight months. We will launch an open call for the mothers on 1 August 2018. Months 1-2: the call will include the time available for the mothers (8 hours/person) and the conditions under which they can use it. The hours can be used in two instalments with the involvement of a childminder that they are already in contact with or someone else that we help to find. Preparing the cooperation with the childminders, coordinating with the childminders previously involved, conclude a contract with them, involve more helpers if needed. We will connect the helpers with the parents and sign a contract with the parents, as well as with those who join the programme later. Months 3-4: we will coordinate the demands and the services (in space and time) based on the demands we receive. Months 4-8: starting to “provide the free time”, coordinating the process. Payment after completion of work, measuring satisfaction, change management, liaising with different parties. To ensure sustainability, we will start looking for other donors as well from the 4th month.

Budget outline (types of costs and amounts):

Project coordination, preparing financial report: 50,000HUF x 8 months = 400,000HUF
Babysitting fees: 70 families x 8 hours x 1750HUF = 980,000HUF
Communication and telephone costs: 10,000HUF x 8 months = 80,000HUF
Accountant’s fee: 80,000HUF
Altogether: 1,540,000HUF

How will you use the funds raised through Swimathon:

Our dream is to raise 2 million HUF through Swimathon. At present we do not have own funding, therefore we would use the raised funds to cover the entire project costs.

What impact do you envisage for the project and how do you plan to measure it?

In the framework of the project 70 women (parents) raising children with disabilities will have the chance to leave their children with a trained and experienced babysitter/nanny/childminder and use their free time as they would like to. We will ask those who use the service to send a photo and give feedback in a couple of sentences, which we will share on a public platform. Those supporters who provide us with their contact information will receive information about it. We will ask mothers, as well as the nannies, to provide feedback through questionnaires as well, enquiring the experience of cooperating with us, as well as suggestions and demands, which we will sum up in our reports.

Name and mission of the organisation implementing the project:

The Association “Find Yourself” (Találj Magadra Egyesület) seeks to foster equal opportunities for, and represent the interests of, children with disabilities and their parents, to promote their social integration and reintegration in the labour market, as well as in the areas of education, health care, social and rehabilitation services, to make daily life for the target group and enable their participation in the community.

Organisational data Name, address, date and number of court registration, tax number, website:

The Association Find Yourself is currently undergoing the registration process. If the registration is not completed until the time of the Swimathon, then we will find a host organisation that FKA can conclude an agreement with, and which can receive the donations on our behalf, based on a cooperation agreement. Even then we will be responsible for the implementation of the project.

Address: 1066, Budapest, Jókai u. 14. fszt 1.
Contact person:
Association: Kinga Kánya; +36203383315
“Breathing space” project: Andrea Csiznier-Kovács +36204458786