Project title:

Photography and Activism

Goal of the project:

In September 2018 we are planning to start a free course on the basics of photography for youth in the 9th district: for all those who would like to use images to represent themselves and express their desires, opinions, and thoughts through pictures. We will offer this course for young people who live in difficult circumstances and do not have any, or hardly any, access to similar courses, and for those who would like to take part in the life of their community and shape it through their pictures. Our students have previously included children who are deaf or hard of hearing, Roma and non-Roma youngsters, young people in foster care, teenagers recovering from severe diseases, as well as homeless activists. Many of them have become our colleagues and are now swimming with us for the next generation.

The issue:

The images of the disadvantaged people in the media are often stigmatizing and reinforce prejudices about them. Through enabling strong and positive experiences, our training helps students learn how images work in real life and in the online space, how public communication works, and how they can speak to the people through their photographs.

Planned activities and timeline:

The course will start in September and it will include a 3-hour seminar once a week, for 12 weeks. For recruiting young people for the course, to be carried out in the beginning of the month, we will approach existing groups, the clients of NGOs working in the area, learning groups, extra-curricular afternoon schools, and disadvantaged youth (12-20 age group). The 12-week creative phase will be followed by public appearances starting from January 2019 and will involve screenings in the communities of the youth involved, exhibitions in the district and communication on online platforms. We will invite decision-makers to the exhibitions.

Budget outline (types of costs and amounts):

If we do not manage to raise the necessary amount of funds, then we will carry out the preparation, coordination and teaching activities on a voluntary basis. Planning, preparation, recruiting: 50,000HUF, teaching: 12 x 15,000HUF = 180,000HUF; contracts, liaising with the parents and donors, organisation: 100,000HUF; documentation and workshop for the teachers: 100,000HUF. Altogether: 430,000HUF. We also would like to invest in the necessary photographic equipment, planning for the long term: 1,575,000HUF.

How will you use the funds raised through Swimathon:

The Swimathon 2018 campaign will help us conduct the workshops (430,000HUF) and buy the equipment needed for the photo and media workshops. For this purpose we would like to raise altogether 1,575,000HUF through campaigning and swimming. We hope to be able to ensure equipment for more than one year and for more than one training. To be able to provide cameras for the participants and share the pictures with the world, we would need the following: 2 DSRL cameras with a zoom and a bag, batteries, cards: 300,000HUF/each = 600,000 HUF; 5 compact digital cameras: 5 x 45,000 = 225,000HUF; Travelling exhibition: 50 prints (50x70cm) cached: 300,000HUF; chargeable batteries: 5 X 12 000 HUF = 60 000 Ft; Latop: 2 x 130,000UF = 260,000HUF; Beamer: 130,000HUF.

What impact do you envisage for the project and how do you plan to measure it?

Our swimmers have been recruited mainly from among our previous students: there will be an expecting mother, a homeless activist, a successful photo editor, a famous photo journalist, a portrait photographer, a studio executive, a fashion photographer, an underwater rugby photographer, a film director, a film photographer, among many others, swimming for the course. They would all like to help 9th district youngsters achieve success similar to theirs. We are planning to document the whole process of the course, as well as the presentations of the participants and young people involved, the follow-up, and in the long run train more potential trainers.

Name and mission of the organisation implementing the project:

FreeDoc / Photography and Activism. FreeDoc is a photo agency for disadvantaged groups and efforts made in the interest of democracy. In addition to taking pictures, participants in FreeDoc’s courses learn how photography can be used in the service of self-expression, civic participation and representing one’s own community. FKA will conclude a cooperation agreement with our host organisation, Palantír Film Foundation. Palantír Film Foundation is a non-profit organisation active in the area of film production, aiming to increase the utilisation of documentaries. FreeDoc and Palantír Film Foundation agree that the equipment purchased from the donations collected at Swimathon will be available for FreeDoc courses until their depreciation.

Organisational data Name, address, date and number of court registration, tax number, website Name of contact person, e-mail, phone:

Contact person for the project: Gabriella Csoszó
Tel: +36-20-53-223-54
F&A kézikönyv / Fotózás és Aktivizmus
Name of host organisation: Palantír Film Vizuális Antropológiai Alapítvány
Address: 1163 Budapest, Katóka u. 46.
Date of court registration: 2001. március 26., No. of court registration: 8151
Tax number: 18172526-2-42
Contact person for host organisation: Orsolya Komlósi
tel.: +36-20-543-56-39