Project title:

FIX Point for Ferencváros

Goal of the project:

Just as last year, “FIX Point” refers to the reliable, solid but nevertheless experimenting operational background of the Ferencváros Community Foundation – this is what we are fundraising for. Our goal is to create the basis for our operation as a “local non-profit agency” and to be more efficient in connecting private donors, SMEs and large companies with NGOs working in the district and other communities, and to foster mutual support and partnership among them. We seek to improve the well-being of the Ferencváros community through facilitating local philanthropy.

The issue:

Through the Swimathon campaigns so far we have helped 11 communities connected to the district to receive funding in the amount of over 23 million HUF and directly experience that in addition to accessing new resources with the help of peer-to-peer fundraising, they are also able to mobilize and expand their supporter base. It is important for us to fundraise also because the total organisational costs of the event are not covered by the 9% of the total funds, which our NGO retains for such costs, based on the agreement with the participating organisations. In addition, a sound operational basis is key to organising similar and similarly successful fundraising programmes in the future as well.

Planned activities and timeline:

We will continue to carry out our tasks related to local fundraising, grant-making and community development in the following year as well. We will maintain an office with a staff of four (3+1), organise two big fundraising events (Swimathon, Live Giving), we would like to make small grants again from the already existing funds (Péter Zwack Memorial Fund, Central Fund), and we will continue our cooperation with the Corvinus University of Budapest. As part of organisational development, we will set out to learn the bases of philanthropy advising, a method well-known internationally, and we will continue to strengthen our ties with the other community foundations in Hungary.

Budget outline (types of costs and amounts):

We drew on last year’s data when planning the following year. In 2017 our foundation had an income of over 28 million, 23,5 million of which came from local donations. In the last calendar year, we distributed 16 million HUF in grants and our yearly operational costs amounted to 6 million HUF. (For exact figures, see our public benefit report and financial balance.) In 2018, we would like to increase the proportion of local funds and ensure sustainability with respect to our operational costs.

How will you use the funds raised through Swimathon:

At this year’s Swimathon we would like to raise at least 2 million HUF. The raised money will be a sort of “Fix Point”, i.e. a stable financial basis, and in the next year we will use it to cover operational expenses (professional staff, study visits, workshops, organisational costs of fundraising events, running costs, communication costs). The Foundation’s board will make a decision about how the funds in “Fix Point 2018” will be spent, following the principles of quality, independence and reliability.

What impact do you envisage for the project and how do you plan to measure it?

Our Foundation continues to be an independent, reliable and stable organisational partner with brave and innovative ideas, committed to the locality. Up-to-date information will be provided about the amount of the support and its use in the Foundation’s yearly report and the financial accounts.

Name and mission of the organisation implementing the project:

The goal of our Foundation is to mobilize people living, working, studying or in some other way connected to the district, with the aim of creating a friendlier and more pleasant environment, improving the well-being of the locals and strengthening their local identity. Since 2011 our main activities have been: fundraising from the local community and from local businesses, grant-giving among local NGOs and communities, organising community-building events as our programmes and as the local adaptations of community fundraising programmes.

Organisational data
Name, address, date and number of court registration, tax number, website:

Name: Ferencvárosi Közösségi Alapítvány (Ferencváros Community Foundation)
Representative: Péter Jordán, Chair of Board
Status: public benefit organisation
Court registration number: 14.Pk.60.763/2011/2, No. 11504.
Date of statutes: 15/11/2011. The court order became final on 30/12/2011.
Address: 1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 30.
Office: Budapest, 1094 Márton utca 10.
Contact person: Erika Barna, Director, Board member
Phone: +36 70 397 9999