About us

The Ferencváros Community Foundation was the first community foundation in Hungary, established in 2011. It is particularly important that our board members are not only representatives of our cause but also the most active volunteers.
The goal of our Foundation is to promote local philanthropy, to support activities that foster the development of local communities, and to build a bridge between local communities and private and corporate donors. The board members and donors together decide about the grants, and donors are given the opportunity to get to know the participants, as well as the results of the supported project.


  • In 2017 we won the “The Most Successful Fundraising Campaign” award, given by the Non-profit Information and Training Centre (NIOK) Foundation
  • You can read a short overview of our achievements in 2017 on our website. FKA’s total revenues in the year 2017 were more than 28 million HUF, of this we distributed 16 million HUF in grants in the calendar year, the operational costs amounted to 6,3 million HUF
  • In 2015 we adapted a novel form of fundraising, called Live Giving, with support from the UK’s Funding Network. The event is organised each November. During the three fundraising evenings, we raised 7,5 million HUF for nine grassroots projects connected to the 9th district. Attendance is by invitation only; the number of guests at the three previous events was close to 300. Click here to watch the video of the most recent Live Giving event.
  • We initiated and supported the so-called Ráday Corso 22-23 September 2017, which was a 1,5-day programme, involving over 40 contributors from Central Ferencváros and as diverse elements as children’s programmes, concerts, culinary and other community programmes, targeting mainly those people who are in some way connected to the neighbourhood and were interested to re-discover it.
  • In an attempt to strengthen the local public sphere, we launched an internet-based community radio programme, “Radio Ráday”, with the support of Tilos Rádió, and we have set up the pop-up studio at a number of locations in the district.

Please visit our website for more information about us and our programmes.