Project title:


Goal of the project:

We seek to support dedicated and active people in their effort to establish community foundations in their environment. We will use the funds raised through Swimathon to help eight organiser groups to prepare for this and support their team building and learning. Community foundations are a popular and proven form for people living in the same locality to join forces, connect their ideas, resources, their money and time to step up collectively for local issues that are important for them. We believe in community foundations and we believe that Hungary needs many such communities.

The issue:

Hungary has only very few solid, independent local philanthropy organisations which connect local issues with local resources, while building connections in the local community, strengthening local identity, encouraging activity. Such organisations include four community foundations operating in Hungary (Ferencváros, Pécs, Miskolc, Danube-bend). Our Community Foundation Support Program has supported their establishment, operation and establishment since the very start. We would like to expand this circle and make the movement of community foundations more dynamic.

Planned activities and timeline:

May-September 2018: we will post a call for proposals and encourage organiser groups to apply. October-December 2018: we will select the winners and conclude contracts with them. 2019: we will start working with the organiser groups (support study visits, organise two seminars, contribute to the initial organisational costs of the local work), and provide individual professional support for the groups. January, February 2020: Debut of the newly established community foundations.

Budget outline (types of costs and amounts):

International study visits of organiser groups: 8 groups x 200,000HUF = 1,600,000HUF
Two seminars: 2 x 600,000HUF
Contribution to the local organisation: 8 groups x 100,000HUF = 800,000HUF
Individually tailored consultations for the groups: 8 x 4 occasions: 35,000HUF = 1,120,000HUF
National jamboree, team building as a public event = 1,000,000HUF
Nationwide campaign to promote the call = 2,000,000HUF
Total costs: 7,200,000HUF

How will you use the funds raised through Swimathon:

Our goal is to raise 3,000,000HUF at Swimathon for contributing to the international study visits of the organiser groups, for the consultations for discussing the groups’ work carried out locally, and for the initial contributions to local organisational costs. (See the detailed budget.)

What impact do you envisage for the project and how do you plan to measure it?

Next year we would like to work with eight organiser groups. Our hope is that by the end of 2019 at least three new community foundations will emerge as a result. Thus, with the help of the money raised, we hope to see altogether 7 community foundations in the country by the end of 2020. This could prove that dedicated and active local organisations can connect local issues with local resources. This is important for us, as we believe that community foundations have the potential improve life at the local level.

Name and mission of the organisation implementing the project:

The Community Foundation Support Program (KözösALAPON) is a nationwide initiative to facilitate the establishment of community foundations in Hungary and to support their operation and work. We have supported the establishment of community foundations in Miskolc, Pécs and the Danube-bend, and have underscored the work of the Ferencváros Community Foundation as well. The organisational background of the programme is provided by the Roots and Wings Foundation, the goal of which is to inspire direct participation and to foster a fairer world by researching, promoting and supporting individual, groups and organisational efforts.

Organisational data Name, address, date and number of court registration, tax number, website Name of contact person, e-mail, phone:

Community Foundation Support Program (KözösALAPON program)
Organisational background: Roots and Wings Foundation (Gyökerek és Szárnyak Alapítvány)
Address: 1092 Bp. Ráday u. 32. 3/3
Office: 105 Bp. Szép u. 3. 4/1
No. and date of court registration: 11.Pk.60.361/2014/6. 2014.12.24
Tax number: 18626166 – 1 – 43
Representative: Tamás Scsaurszki
Contact person: Edit Kovács
Contact: +36 30 359 1678